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Layla Kayleigh, MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew – old scar

When I heard of InviCible I was really interested in trying it! I was a big tomboy growing up, so needless to say I climbed one too many trees and have scars to prove it! I’ve been using this for about a month now, and so far I have noticed my old scar is no longer as raised and looks lighter in color, I can tell the cream is definitely working and am excited to see how much more it will fade with time.

Bethany A – acne scars

My derm took one look at me and said she is recommending this to every acne patient. I’m serious. I was in for my first appointment in about a year and brought InviCible with me. She could not believe my transformation. When I told her it had been about 3 weeks since I started using the product, her eyes went wide, like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The acne scars on my left cheek are flattening and my real bad scar near my mouth is flat and the discoloration is going away quickly. I also noted that I am getting less of those pesky dark hairs on my chin due to this product. I only use a little, 2x a day, but I don’t discriminate where I use it, because I have little scars everywhere, in addition to the areas I mentioned above. Sometimes, if I use too much, my pores get a little clogged, so I skip a dose, and everything straightens out. I use this in conjunction with Differin at night and Ole Henriksen Blemish serum in the morning, and I look good. At 27, I have the best skin of my life and I think back to how I was researching and seriously contemplating Accutane less than 3 years ago and I am so thankful. It started with Sircuit Skin X-Trap and getting rid of cleansers and shampoos with sulfates and it is ending with this remarkable product that is getting rid of scars I’ve had for 10 years. InviCible is worth trying… for acne sufferers it is nothing short of fabulous.

Shandria S – breast surgery

I started using INVICIBLE scar cream shortly after my breast surgery and I am very impressed with the results. As a nurse, I see a lot of post-surgical scars. Due to having previous surgery in the same location, I was concerned with the final appearance of my scars. I tanned shortly after my surgery, which increased the darkness of my scars. When I started using the lotion I really enjoyed the silky texture and I could feel the vitamin C working. I had noticeable changes within days. My husband even commented on how good the incisions looked! I continued to massage the lotion into my scars twice a day and this helped my scars become soft and flexible. The darkness has faded, the redness is non-existent and the scars are becoming unnoticeable! I have even started using the lotion on other scars throughout my body and have noticed immediate changes. The other day, I caught my husband secretly using it. He calls it the miracle cream! I couldn’t be happier!

(See Shandria’s before and after pictures here)

Valerie T – mastopexy (breast lift)

I use InviCible for mastopexy (breast lift) anchor scars. This treatment makes wonders. Grateful to whoever made this cream! Ordered my 2nd cream about 6 days ago. Anticipating:))

Melissa T – breast reduction

I used InviCible after undergoing a breast reduction. I applied it religiously (3 jars, but I had a lot of area to cover). It has been nine months since my surgery, and my scars are nearly imperceptible. I highly recommend using this product!

Claudia E – plastic surgery

I have had a great experience using InviCible! After some plastic surgery two years ago, I used it and found it helped somewhat. Actually, I was a slow healer so I didn’t get the maximum effect. Recently, though,I had revision of those scars and used a product sold by my sugeon, at DOUBLE the price of InviCible and really didn’t see results. So, I began using your product once again and am seeing some significant improvement. One feature of the treatment I appreciate is its emollient property, which helps with the scar massage I’ve been advised to do. Thank you and I definitely will be ordering again!

Tammy C – breast reconstruction

I love InviCible!! I had my annual checkup with my primary care doctor this week. He has not seen my breast reconstruction scars in a year… and could not believe how great they looked and said rather than looking like a major surgery scar… it really only looks like a “scratch”!! Go InviCible!!!!

Tracy H – c-section

I have been using InviCible for 3 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference I notice. My c-section scar is only 5 months old, it is red and raised. Since I started using InviCible, I have noticed reduced swelling and significantly reduced redness. Happy day! InviCible is so silky and soft to the touch, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and the redness seems to disappear. I am hooked!

Raji P – c-section

I started using InviCible on my c-section scar four months after having my son. Since I had never had any major surgery scars I wasn’t sure what the healing process of my scar would be. To my surprise, my scar became very pink, and the skin around it looked like it was irritated. I started using the cream twice a day and within six days I could see a big difference. The scar was not as pink and the irritated skin around it was completely gone. I’ve been using the cream now for about six months and now the appearance of the scar is vastly different. The scar has flattened and the pinkness has disappeared entirely. I highly recommend this scar cream to anyone looking for a product that starts working right away.

Terry M – red scar

The red is completely gone now and I honestly am astounded. Didn’t think it would work on such an old scar. InviCible is an amazing product.

Iphigenia P – hyperpigmentation

A little over 3 years ago, I underwent 2 laparoscopic procedures that left me with several small round-shaped scars. Unfortunately, I have olive skin and thus, I am apparently more prone to hyperpigmentation. As a result, the area around the scars turned a very deep red. Admittedly, I tried everything: creams, lotions, silicone strips, laser treatments. The culmination of which was to have the scars cut out and revised with the hope that this time the end result would be different. Before discovering InviCible, I cycled through almost every available OTC scar reducing solution. With persistent use and no exposure to sun, you will start to see some improvements. However, what they don’t tell you is that most of these products have a shelf life of only a couple months and need to be kept in a cool dry place to keep their potency. But, their major down fall is what happens when you have been applying these products and happen to go out in the sun without fully covering the treated areas: a major rash developed that started at the treated sites and subsequently spread out far beyond. At first, I discarded this thinking it was a fluke and attributed it to the brand. But after making this mistake with over 4 different brands, I realized that you have to stop applying the product for approximately one week before it is safe to expose those areas to the sun (even when using steri-strips to topically cover the scarred areas).

It has now been approximately 10 days since I have been using InviCible. I have to say that I am very impressed. The results have been unlike any other product. InviCible has been the first and only product that I have used that is not only strong enough to deliver the results it promises on the box, but it does so with no side effects. What more could one ask for?

Julie W – melasma

My melasma was due (I believe) to long term birth control (10 years) and sun exposure. It got worse AFTER pregnancy, and increased or became more stubborn with age. Unfortunately I had IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment or laser for the melasma that made my minor problem a major one. It’s been kind of a nightmare! But InviCible has been the BEST thing I’ve tried and it’s only been about a month… I highly recommend it for melasma. I use this product twice daily, under sunscreen and makeup, works like a charm! Thanks InviCible…!

Amanda M – dark spots

After dealing with acne for years I was left with dark spots on my chin. I heard about InviCible from a friend and decided to try it. It was amazing!! After just a few days I noticed my spots were fading. InviCible is a great product. Not only does it work wonders, it feels great on my skin. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to improve their scars.

Rachel G – brown spots

InviCible is an amazing brown spot cream!! I had brown spots on my cheeks from acne. I tried several creams on the market and nothing seemed to fade the spots until I tried InviCible. It started working after just a few days! Now, I don’t have to wear makeup to cover them up!

Ulrich S – bumps and red spots

I wanted to see what my wife’s InviCible treatment cream would do to my ingrown hair problem… I now use it all the time. I’m not one to go on about products, but the stuff’s amazing. The bumps and the red spots go away in a day or two, instead of taking 4 or 5 days to heal. You, with the ingrown beard: use it before you put on your aftershave!

Jessica D – mole

I am using InviCible to treat a cancerous mole I had removed. I went to a dermatologist and he left a huge scar on my upper arm. People are constantly asking me what happened, and it had gotten highly annoying. I can already see that it’s starting to fade, and less people have been asking me about it!

Beth M – scrape

I love InviCible! Recently I scraped my foot on the dog fence and had a big ugly scar. I also had several on my legs from shaving and old childhood injuries. Within a week, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my scars, which I had been so self conscious of. With continued use I am sure they will continue to fade. Thank you for the product!

RLB – worth every penny!

It is another investment in your skin that is worth every penny!


Jeffrey Spiegel, MD FACS, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

In my professional capacity as a Facial Plastic Surgeon, I am regularly approached to evaluate various topical skin preparations, each of which professes to reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars, or otherwise make the user more attractive.  Typically they have some minimal utility, but rarely does one stand out enough to warrant my recommending it to my patients.  Most commonly, I’m skeptical of the claims and do not use the product.

InviCible is different.  I have seen firsthand how it can help minimize the appearance of potentially unsightly facial scars.  Regular use in the post-surgical period has helped reduce erythema and promote good healing.  I’ve offered it to patients and family members.  It is rare for me to believe in a topical preparation to this extent, which is why I am pleased to offer this note of recommendation about this product.

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, FACS
Chief, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Boston University School of Medicine

Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

I am generally a skeptic when it comes to scar creams, but I have been very impressed by the results achieved by using Invicible. The formulation is light and easy to apply, and includes both scientifically proven and naturally derived ingredients. I have used the product on myself, and currently include it as part of my postoperative care regimen for all of my patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. I highly recommend InviCible.

Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
160 East 72nd Street
New York, NY 10021

Kevin Robertson, MD FACS FACPS, Facial Plastic Surgery

I just wanted to thank you for what Invicible adds to my facial plastic surgery practice. It’s composed of all the things I appreciate that are scientifically proven to be effective while remaining free of those components that cause problems. Patient compliance has been excellent given it’s soft, smooth, silky texture that blends into the skin surface without greasy residue. My patients have also commented on how quickly their scars lose visible redness and textural irregularities, as well as any persistent itching or discomfort. In my fifteen years of practice, this is the best scar management product that I have ever used. It’s a fantastic value that I suggest to all my patients.

Kevin Robertson, MD FACS FACPS
Robertson Plastic Surgery
RENEW Skin Health and Laser Center
3205 Glacier Ridge Road
Middleton, WI 53562

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