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Plastic Surgery Scars

Even plastic surgery scars can be visible or prominent, regardless of your plastic surgeon’s expertise in skin closure. Tummy tucks, breast enhancement (implants), and facelifts are popular procedures that create a more youthful appearance but can leave visible scars as a trade-off.

Like most scars, plastic surgery scars do tend to improve over time. However, some scars simply do not heal well and can get even worse over time. Unhealthy habits, particularly smoking, add insult to injury by decreasing the skin’s ability to heal well. This in turn can cause delayed healing and ugly scarring. Even the most compliant and healthy patients can occasionally have issues healing – unfortunately, some people simply aren’t “good healers”.

Developed by a prominent plastic surgeon, InviCible helps improve scar healing after any surgery and also helps soften and fade scars that are firm, lumpy, raised, or pigmented (dark, pink, red or purple).

InviCible is very user-friendly. Since it is a cream, it is much easier to use than silicone sheeting. You simply massage it into the scar.

InviCible is non-greasy. It is also hypoallergenic as it does not contain common skin irritants like preservatives (like parabens), fragrances, mineral oil or alcohol.

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