Advanced Treatment for Scars and Dark Spots
developed by a leading plastic surgeon


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National Parenting CenterInviCible Scars wins acclaimed “Seal Of Approval” from The National Parenting Center.

Compact for Safe Cosmetics – InviCible Scars named a “Champion in the Compact for Safe Cosmetics” by EWG’s Skin Deep.


TV Reviews:

KENS 5 NewsReconstructive Surgeon develops new Weapon in the Battle against Scars

Great Day SA So long to Scars, goodbye to Blemishes

Focus on HealthNew Advanced Treatment for Scars and Dark Spots

What’s in Store?New, Safe Therapy for Scars and Brown Spots

The Morning BlendBest Treatment for Scars and Dark Spots

Great Day SANeed to Get Rid of a Scar?


Magazine & Beauty Website Reviews:

Max Magazine“Reduce Darkness…”

Max Magazine

Allure Magazine“A promising new formula…”

Allure Magazine

Dermatology Nursing Journal“…penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin where scar healing is vital.”

Dermatology Nursing Journal

Dermascope Magazine“An exceptional new skin care cream that addresses scaring unlike any other…”

Dermascope Magazine

Skin Deep Magazine“…works on a variety of skin blemishes, from brown spots and small cuts to large burn scars and stretch marks.”

Skin Deep Magazine

Beauty Snobmy “burn healed without scarring”

Beauty Snob

Dermatology Times“…addresses facial scars, acne blemishes, burns, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scars…”

Dermatology Times

Lakeside Living Magazine“While it is designed to work best on new scars, we saw improvement in the appearance of old ones.”

Lakeside Living

Insider Beauty BuzzNew Hope for minimizing scars… Move over Mederma, there’s a new scar treatment in town!

Insider Beauty Buzz

New BeautyInviCible Scars featured in December’s edition of New Beauty Magazine.

New Beauty Magazine

Endless Summer – “InviCible Scars is a great treatment for post acne scars and spots, especially if you start using it early. I’m glad I had a chance to try it. It improved the appearance of my skin a lot.”

Gouldylox Reviews“InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy Works Wonders!”

The Beauty Reviewer – “This product should have been named Incredible Scar Cream, because that’s what it is.”

The Metro Perspective“…one of the best scar treatments I’ve used.”

Luminous Lacquer“The formula is wonderful! The cream is very light, it feels very silky, and is very simple to apply. There is no oily or greasy residue left behind. It also leaves my skin very silky and soft to touch.”

My Beauty Bunny“…I can’t say I’ve been religious about using it night and day…, but the scar is significantly lightened. I’m very impressed.”

We Heart This“Whether your scar is from a childhood spill off your bicycle, a C-section, or acne, InviCible may just make that scar invisible forever.”

Acne Magazine“There is a newer product now for scarring that you may want to look into. It’s used a lot for post cosmetic surgery scarring, C sections and other types of trauma-type scars, but it may also help you if you have acne scarring… [InviCible Scars] seemed to not only be helping me get rid of the redness, but it was also seemingly helping my tissue fill in where it was supposed to be, so that it was flush with my other… skin.”

Breast News Magazine“…incredibly effective for cosmetic surgery scars, including scars caused by breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic surgeries, but also C section scars, acne scars and other types of scar tissue.”

Meg’s Makeup – “As well y’all know, I review many glam and gaga products so for me to honestly take the time and write about such a clinical and medically evolved product as this, you just KNOW I believe!”

Palacinka Beauty Blog“Within 1 week I noticed the scars lighten up, but also start to blend in more with the texture of my overall skin.”

Plastic Surgery Practice“…helps speed the healing process, smooths skin texture and evens out skin tone.”

Celebrity Makeup Artist in Hollywood“You can feel it working”

Teen Vogue“I recommend InviCible Scars cream, which can be worn flawlessly under both sunscreen and foundation…”

Truth in AgingInviCible Scars reviewed and recommended: “one of the most remarkable products I have ever used… it made some of my scars disappear completely”.

Daily Beauty“Make seemingly invincible scars invisible”.

Style.comInviCible Scars featured on’s Beauty Counter – “The Invincible Woman”.

Scars1.comInviCible Scars’ Chief Science Officer named “Scars1 Hero”.

Scars1.comFeature Article – The science behind InviCible’s scar healing properties.


Press Releases:

Introducing InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Therapy.

InviCible Scars helps complete the cycle of healing.

New scar treatment offers hope after research suggests link between depression and facial scarring.

It’s no fun in the sun for scars – InviCible Scars offers hope.

InviCible Scars awarded ‘Seal Of Approval’ by National Parenting Center.

InviCible Scars partners with CancerCare in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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