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C-Section Scar Treatment

c-section scar treatment

While there is no perfect C-section scar treatment that will fade your scar completely there are things you can do that will make a big difference: take care of your scar correctly and pick the right scar therapy.

First off, massage, massage, massage. This helps soften up the scar. Wait until the sutures (or staples) are removed. Start massaging fairly firmly once your C-section scar heals sufficiently. Massage older scars even more firmly.

Some women find it easier to massage with a lotion or cream. Picking the right product essentially kills two birds with one stone: it makes massaging easier and also helps improve scar appearance at the same time. As for which scar therapy to choose… there are very few that are actually backed by scientific studies.



Studies show the following improve healing and scar appearance:

1) Stable vitamin C

2) Silicone

3) Natural plant extracts like aloe vera and licorice

Both vitamin C and silicone help healthy collagen production that is essential for optimal scar healing. Vitamin C also works very well for decreasing the red or brown hyper-pigmentation seen with a lot of scars. Silicone also decreases the production of abnormal collagen that can cause thick, raised scars (which can lead to hypertrophic and keloid scars). Silicone softens scars by normalizing the alignment of new collagen fibers.

If you choose a vitamin C product ensure that it contains a “stable” vitamin C. Most forms of vitamin C used in skin care products are unstable and quickly turn brown after opening the container. This is a sign that the vitamin C has oxidized and therefore no longer works. We recommend you avoid products that are brown to begin with as many manufacturers color the cream brown to disguise the oxidation of unstable vitamin C.

In terms of natural options, aloe vera accelerates wound healing, decreases inflammation, stimulates new skin growth through amino acids, and promotes healing in the deepest skin layers. Licorice extract is also a strong anti-inflammatory, accelerates skin renewal, and lightens the hyper-pigmentation seen with some scars. Interestingly, licorice also boosts the scar-lightening effects of vitamin C so the two should be used together whenever possible.

InviCible combines all these beneficial ingredients in one easy to use, non-greasy formula.

InviCible is also hypoallergenic as it does not contain common skin irritants like preservatives (such as parabens) and fragrances.

Due to its superior safety profile, InviCible has won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and was also voted a Champion in The Compact for Safe Cosmetics by Skin Deep.

Please visit our photo gallery to view our C-section scar before and after pictures.

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