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Burn Scar Treatment

Burn scars vary in severity. Burns of all skin layers are “full thickness” and cause the worst scarring. “Partial thickness” burns involve only the top skin layers; they cause blisters but the final scarring is much less.

Burn scars are often firm, inelastic and discolored. Severe burn scars can even cause something called “contractures”. This is a thick band of scar that can cause significant deformity. When contractures happen near a joint they can decrease range of motion. The deeper the burn injury, the more likely it is that a contracture will form as the burn scar heals and matures.

InviCible helps decrease inflammation, speed healing and decrease scarring after a partial thickness burn. InviCible’s ProBiosyn-4™ contains Aloe Vera, which is particularly beneficial in decreasing the risk of permanent scarring.

InviCible also contains two forms of vitamin C that encourage healthy collagen production and essential fatty acids (EFAs) that help regulate lipid production – these lipids are essential in maintaining normal skin elasticity. This is particularly important after a burn injury.

InviCible is a very user-friendly burn scar treatment and much less cumbersome to use than silicone sheeting. It is simply massaged-in.

InviCible is also hypoallergenic as it does not contain common skin irritants like parabens, mineral oil, alcohol or fragrances.

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